God is Good!

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“I 1st attended Higher Ground in Spring of 2015. What a great weekend! It revived my soul and pointed me in the direction that God wants me to go – not the way I wanted! I have been a staff member at every Lake Country climb since. This retreat is real and will awaken your love for Christ. God is good all the time!” Kirk Reams

Nothing like it


“Higher Ground  – a time for an attitude adjustment through a connection with God like no other. Makes your heart full of Christ and his love. Fills you with the Holy Spirit and helps you learn God is good all the time. Prayer is strong. Nothing like it.” – Lucretia Pool

Quit making excuses!

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“I, like most, used every excuse I could think of get out of going to a Higher Ground Climb. However, when I finally gave in, I realized how foolish I was.  How could meeting with everyday Christian men be bad?  Now I look forward to each one.  I think you will too.  Quit making excuses!” – Brad Chastain

Spiritually revitalizing

“I enjoyed the Higher Ground experience. It was both enjoyable and uplifting to fellowship and worship with men of faith. The shared testimonials and word of God were refreshing and spiritually revitalizing.” – Wayne Wolfe

How can a weekend with God be a bad deal?

“When I was invited to come to Higher Ground my first thought was, “How can a weekend with God be a bad deal!” My life was good and surely by being there I would help someone else because I had a good life. What God had in store for me was quite the opposite. He knocked me completely off my feet and showed me just how much I needed Him in my life. What a wonderful experience that changed my life.”
C.J. Warner

Conect with the God of Heaven & earth

A Weekend of Tremendous Spiritual Renewal and Commitment for Men and Women of all ages in a Beautiful and Inspirational Setting.

Video Testimonies


Hundreds of men and women who considered themselves already committed to God have found greater depth and meaning in their walk with Jesus through the Higher Ground Experience. Others who may have faltered in their walk have received a tremendous motivation to rededicate and redirect their lives. Take a moment and watch the video.