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Our Approach

God planted the seed that there was a need for a spiritual retreat based on scriptural beliefs that would encourage us on to a deeper, stronger faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and God the Father. Many of our brothers and sisters were not involved in church activities. There was also the need for an outreach program. After many prayers, many conversations, many phone calls and many meetings, this idea developed into Higher Ground, a ministry for Christians and non-Christians alike. The first Higher Ground was held in late October of 2002 and elders of area churches of Christ were invited to preview the program. It was an immediate success. The Higher Ground Ministry is now up and running with Climbs for men, women, and church leaders. Please check the schedule for dates

Meet the Team

Meet a few of the Higher Ground ministry board members..

Larry Tittle

I currently serve a one year term as president of the Higher Ground Board. The board works hard to make sure that the Higher Ground experience is everything God wants it to be. You will never regret a Higher Ground (Climb) weekend.

Doug Rodney

Higher Ground has been a dream come true, after many meetings, phone calls, and prayers. I’m very honored to have been a part of this ministry for the past ten years. It has positively impacted myself and my family and I believe it will you, too. God bless you and your journey with our Lord and Savior.

Diana Neel